Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transportation Options from LAX to Disneyland, Anaheim

The state of California of United States gets thousand of visitors every single day because of its weather and tourist attraction places it has in every single counties, from beach to museum and beautiful cities that each of these counties have and each cities owns different fun places. One of the most famous place is the Disneyland theme park which is located in the city of Anaheim, and this city is located in Orange County. It barely happens that someone lives in Southern California and have not been in Disneyland. And even when someone travels to Los Angeles, Orange County and any other part of SO CAL, they start from Disneyland resort even if they are just visitors and will stay for a short period of time. Most of travelers, visitors have their flights arrive at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). From LAX to Disneyland is almost 45 minutes to an hour driving, still depends on traffic. There are many different transportation options which we'll mention all in order with full explanation and reviews for those who have no idea and are not familiar with the companies, LAX transportation providers and car rental expenses.

  • Shuttle service: There is a big number of Shuttle companies in Los Angeles which all are offering different prices in different rules. Basically, the definition of shuttle is transporting a group of passengers at the same time, and will stop by over and over at different places while having passengers in the car, obviously these people that are getting ride from the same car, have also same destination but they don't know each other at any points. The average shuttle is regular vans, and the comfortability has no place to mention here unless the travelers likes to ride with a Van. There are some private luxury Shuttle services that doesn't worth the money. In short, if reason of visiting this part of USA (Southern California) is the definition of fun for the visitor, then a shuttle transportation is not recommended, specially for large families, group of friends, etc.
  • Taxi Service: Let's put a red line under it. People don't take the transportation seriously and since the taxi is known international and a car to trust, nobody cares anymore how and with what car they are getting transferred with, meaning that the taxi is in many different vehicles that have many users. For those who don't have this knowledge, they arrive at LAX and as long as they can sit in a yellow car, they're fine. Why not changing this idea and clear the yellow cab taxi service out of mind for once and check other options. The problem is that everyone think taxi is the cheapest option to get transported with, which is completely wrong. The worst thing is that some companies are taking advantage of the lacking of knowledge.
  • In short, the most expensive car services, specially LAX taxi providers are very expensive, and the fact is that none of these cars have professional drivers. The fact behind the taxi, is that a person would go to a well known company and gets permission and or buys the franchise of the taxi company, which some of them would sell cars as well, they receive the job and dispatch to that driver, so when you're sitting in the cab, know that the driver is also the owner of the same taxi. Let's say the taxi companies, or in another way 'Taxi Service Dispatcher' will not be responsible for any extra charges, or when someone calls the customer service service, they would be careless about your problem.
  • Car Rental: One thing about car rental companies specially near LAX airport is the unfair game they play with everyone. In a very simple example, the advertising catches your eyes and or you would stop by the first and nearest car rental shop near LAX airport and Let's say you're thinking to rent a car for $20 per day. They get your signature on many different paper and agreements, and don't mention nothing, and at the end you notice the everyday insurance you received was more expensive than the rental cost, like $26 or more everyday. On the other side, in case customers rent a car that has scratch, or small damages on it and wouldn't show the teller, they charge the credit card for damages even if it was from previous customers. These are the facts and by searching the reviews by real people which are more than hundred and even thousands which went through these common problems. However, the mileage, gas, and other mechanical problems that happens during the rentals, has its own story. At the end, all the LAX car rental companies, big or small, will offer you fake rates before the agreement and after you're returning the car, it will be mentioned to you.
  • Town car and Limousine: The real town car is also known as executive sedans that are made by the company of Lincoln (an Ford organization) and are very comfortable for long distance trips. The style of these cars would give classy style to the passenger, the drivers should be professional and most of the interiors and exteriors of these cars are black on black. Town car has different models itself, such as Signature, Signature L, Executive, and the most famous one is Executive L, which is top of the line series. Limo is a vehicle like Executive L series town car, but longer which is called stretch Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln limo. Comes in sizes of 6, 8, 10, 12 passengers. The Lincoln is not the only car that can be stretched, there are many other limos like Hummer limo, SUV limo, Chrysler limo and more.
  • A Town car or limo would be the best and the most cheapest way to get a ride from LAX airport. The reason is because of the professional and luxury service you receive at lower cost. For example: a service by a limo from LAX to Anaheim for a Disneyland tour is more comfortable, more affordable transportation option than other ones and the best thing is the privacy. At anytime during a travel in anywhere, whether it's a business travel or personal or a family vacation, the private transportation keeps your confidence and enhance your vacation enjoyability. The best LAX Town car company can offer you cheap deals on your travels to or from LAX airport for any distance on any sedans, limo or SUV vehicles. Pay less, ride in style, think smart.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LAX Towncar Service: Los Angeles Airport Limo


LAX Town Car Service prides itself of being the best Los Angeles airport transportation company in the result of thousand different companies that are trying to advertise, promote their company anyhow possible. What we've earned for past many years in being in town car transfer business was an experience. The experience we talk about, unlike other experiences companies would advertise for you. What we know now, a limousine, town car, and any transport organizations are like other businesses and what would keep a business alive, is satisfied clients. Yes, you may know that the time we were in limo business, there was no online marketing, nothing to search about company's reviews. What kept us in the business, was word of mouth. If you find a company that would offer you a car service to LAX, cheap or expensive, doesn't really matter, compare the quality of the service too! Meaning that a service is not about one thing, it's about everything, from the customer service, the vehicles, the drivers, prices and the years being in the business. We at LAX Town car service offer you many things, from a basic car to LAX airport or a limousine from LAX to Anaheim.

So why do we call it to & from? From the time LAX airport was popular, to the time executive town car service became more popular, until now with a big result of different transfer companies, there were some corporations that offered limo service to LAX airport and the rest were providing limo service from LAX. There are still some of the companies doing that. You may ask yourself why? The answer is very clear, the ones that were offering service from airport, would've park their cars near LAX, or rent a lot around the airport area, so in that case, they didn't have a over head of picking up clients from their places, and just doing a pick up from airport and transfer to their destinations could be ok, but they have lost businesses. The ones that were offering car service to LAX, were the ones that didn't want to go under pressure of meet & greet service, and there was no service such as round-trip limo rentals.

But from the time we started our business, we realized the wants of clients, and not only we offered car service and limos to and from airport, but also we offered discounts, monthly coupons by mailbox and emails, and that's how we could be and stay a successful transportation company in Los Angeles, CA. We are an organization with over 100 qualified chauffeurs and latest versions of Lincoln town cars, in sedan and stretch models, and ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in order to provide the best of customer service to any personal, corporation and families at a very affordable price. Whether you need a quick ride to LAX or your company have an account with us, we offer discounts to all of our customers.

By checking our records, and seeing many of our clients come back to us, it's such an amazing compliment we receive, even if they don't mention it. Repeat customers are the main foundation of any businesses, we give an excellent service and sometimes more than what have been requested, we care about all of our clients and take them all seriously. Our mission is to keep clients super happy and satisfied and from the time getting to LAX airport, leave Los Angeles with fully happiness and experience a leisure travel and also when you're getting off the plane from a long trip, the first person you meet, would be our driver at meet and greet section and by a friendly smile help you with all the luggage, and direct you straight to the vehicle you have reserved. It would be a pleasure for our employees to treat clients like VIP, including you.

Make a good decision to choose the right car service company, we know there are many choices of LAX limousine services, but research more and see if all of them are really providing you modern cars, brand new and affordable price? We are striving to stay top of the line Los Angeles airport car service and limousine company by following all the competitors vehicles and we break all the prices in the LA. So we know we're the best option, but what about you, are you a good picker? If so, then contact us at +1(310)343-8094 and let us provide you the best service possible, and you can enjoy the best LAX limousine service. Online reservation available on our website at the following link